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(2021, 1CD)

Artwork Piotr Proniuk - Piano Medleys

1. "Journey to the Centre of the Earth" suite (The Journey/The Forest) (6:36)

2. Genesis suite (Dancing with the Moonlit Knight/The Carpet Crawlers/Firth of Fifth) (4:39)

3. "The Six Wives of Henry VIII" suite (Anne Boleyn/Catherine Howard/Catherine Parr/Catherine of Aragon/Jane Seymour) (5:25)

4. ELP suite (Tarkus - Stones of Years/Karn Evil 9: 1st Impression - Part 1) (4:01)

5. "The Myths and Legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table" suite (Arthur/Guinevere/Merlin the Magician) (12:07)


Duration:   32:45

Label:   Soundrop

Release date:   23rd April 2021

Music:   Rick Wakeman (1,3,5); Tony Banks, Steve Hackett, Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel, Mike Rutherford (2); Keith Emerson, Greg Lake (4); arr. Piotr Proniuk

Recording:   University of West London Studios, London, UK by Piotr Proniuk

Mix:   Qlen Studio, Gdansk, Poland, by Piotr Proniuk

Mastering:   Simon Gibson, Sean Magee; Abbey Road Studios, London, UK

Production:   Piotr Proniuk

Album cover:   Halina Proniuk

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