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Keyboardist, pianist, composer, arranger, music producer. London based.
I graduated with honors from piano class in Paderewski Secondary School of Music in Słupsk lead by mgr Ewa Borgieł and mgr Lucyna Jackowska-Brzóska and studied music theory in S. Moniuszko Music Academy in Gdansk, Poland and Popular Music Performance in London College Of Music/University Of West London. I collaborated with many musicians, singers, theaters, radios and record labels. I have performed in many venues in Poland and abroad, among others, in Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, France, Great Britain.


„31st Stage Song Review” Wroclaw 2010, Luna Music [miscellaneous artists; song „Tatuaz idioty”] (2010)

Sikora Proniuk Duo – „Absurdustra – próba Norwida”, Polish Radio Theatre (2011)

Natalia Sikora – „Koniec.”, Universal Music Poland (2013). (Single)

Natalia Sikora – „BWB Experience”, Universal Music Poland (2014)

III edition of “Unplugged Radio Koszalin 2014”, Radio Koszalin (2014)[miscellaneous artist]

Bounce House Disaster – "Beggars and Buskers" (2020)

Bounce House Disaster – "Miss Red Flowers" (2020) (Single)

The Utilizers – "Socializin' With Sarah" (2020) (Single)

The Utilizers – "Call Me the Lonely One" (2020) (Single)

The Utilizers – "The Hard Way" (2020) (Single)

Piotr Proniuk – "The Six Wives of Henry VIII Suite" (2021) (Single)

Piotr Proniuk – "Piano Medley's" (2021)


„Nowe szaty Mickiewicza” – Stowarzyszenie Wrazliwych Idiotów, project mentor: Jolanta Krawczykiewicz, Theatre „RONDO” in Slupsk, (2007)

„Tyrmand” – directed by Karolina Kolendowicz, A. Zelwerowicz Theatre Academy in Warsaw (2009)

„O’Malley’s Bar” – main award at the 30th Stage Song Review festival in Wrocław, directed by Karolina Kolendowicz. Theatre Polonia in Warsaw (2009)

„Natalia Sikora sings Norwid” – Polish Theatre in Warsaw (2012)

„Joplin” – directed by Tomasz Gawron, Music Theatre „Capitol” in Wroclaw (2014)

Salon of Poetry „Norwid” – Polish Theatre in Warsaw (2014)

„Zelda and Scott” – directed by Romuald Szejd, Scena Prezentacje Theatre (2015)

Salon of Poetry „Brodski” – Polish Theatre in Warsaw (2016)

Salon of Poetry „Miłosz/Świrszczynska” – Polish Theatre in Warsaw (2017)


„Dwaj panowie N.” – directed by Janusz Kukuła, Polish Radio Theatre (2011)

„Siedem dalekich rejsów” – directed by Krzysztof Czeczot, Polish Radio Theatre (2013)


Natalia Sikora – „Euforia”, directed by Tomasz Gawron (2014)

K80’s – „Little Vow”, directed by Kaspar Bonbon (2017)

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